Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chopping off arms and beading dresses

Horror films.....not my favorite kind at all.  I think the last one I saw was the first Freddy- when it came out, yes I do remember Johnny Depp way back then-- I am a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock but even those are psychologically disturbing to me.  All that being said I love to make horror props, costumes and sets, go figure.

My injuries from the January accident remain a constant but I am trying my best to follow my dreams while my body still heals.  I went backwards over the past couple months and am now determined to not overdo it so I can heal properly.  My reward for resting these past couple weeks was getting to work on a horror short with my film family.  These are the people who working for means working with and collaborating on --throwing all our collective arts to create one amazing film.  I was able to be the Production and Costume Designer as well as make most of the props- Independent films means wearing many hats.  Look for our short called 'Home Cooking' to show up in film festivals soon.

I had the joys to make my first eyeball.  For a prototype I am pretty happy with it and it survived the trials of the scenes in the film which makes me even happier-  don't need a prop breaking down in the middle of a scene.

This photo is right before I finished it- glues and paints in the drying process.

And an after film shot...

And these were props we purchased and prepped for another scene.  With some flourishes these looked amazing and gag-worthy on film.

 No humans or animals were hurt in the making of this film.  A day and a half of pure film-making bliss.  Met some people I had never worked with before and I am so glad I had this opportunity.

Now I have to rest for the next couple weeks because I have another short coming up that I am excited for called 'Low/Fi'.  Love their poster-- we put the actress in a vintage Oscar de la Renta and set up the props and back drop.

In the meantime I am still working on my original upcycled dress designs.  The green pieces were harvested from a prom dress and the white beads were all harvested from a broken necklace. 

The copper and white seed beads are new and were hand sewn around the edges of the bustle.  Right now I have designed the pattern that will go onto the black and green trains of the dress- so a couple more weeks of hand work and it will be complete.

Until next time.....stay creative my friends.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Vinyl records and a wedding

It has been a long work week traveling back and forth from Albuquerque to Santa Fe.  Lots of driving but lucky for us the landscapes combined with monsoon season make the drive less boring.  An unexpected bonus of rain is that the wild horse herds come down out of the mountains and we get to see a lot more of them in the mesas and valleys along our travels.

Very excited because I have one costume out for a photoshoot, two more in the works and a photoshoot and trailer this weekend for the upcoming short 'Low/Fi'.

Having a good time being Production and Costume designer on this short because I'm leaning towards a vintage  unique style with a European Parisian flair.  Fun!!  And when filming takes place this month we get to do a wedding scene !!  

So here is a peek at the bouquet (not finished yet) and some vintage plaid dress choices for our lead actress.  If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you can see the full dresses.  

Stay creative my friends.